Evaluation Of The Delivery Of Public Housing Programs In Nigeria

A form of the housing tenure in which different properties of the public are owned by the government authorities is known as the public housing programs. There are two forms of these properties. The first form is known as the central and the second form is known as the local. These public housing schemes are built for the social welfare of the members of a state. To evaluate the delivery of public housing programs in Nigeria is not an easy task for the students. If the students are not able to understand these things in an effective way, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. The best tips to evaluate the delivery of the public housing programs in Nigeria are given below;

  • Need for the affordable housing

As we know that the population in Nigeria is growing at the very fast rate. This fast growth in the population creates a lot of shelters, housing, and some other utility problems. Moreover, to afford the different housing facilities is also a real challenge for the Nigerian citizens. By keeping in mind these issues of the Nigerian citizens, the government of Nigeria has started some public housing programs that ensure the availability of the affordable housing schemes for the Nigerian citizens. The Nigerian government has built up to 15 million houses. The Nigerian government is providing the 23 houses for 1,000 inhabitants and these houses are provided at the most affordable prices.

  • Institutional framework for housing

To ensure the best housing facilities for the Nigerian citizens, there involve a lot of public as well as private sectors. These sectors are working for the insurance of the improved efficiency as well as for the collaboration within the different members of the society. If we try to get an idea about the institutional framework for the public housing scheme, then we come to know that it is divided into three types of the organizations. The first type is known as the public organizations. The second type is known as the quasi-public organizations, and the last type is known as the private sector organizations. This institutional framework is made for the insurance to provide the best housing facilities to the Nigerian citizens.

  • Housing demand and supply

The name of the housing units that are needed for a society at a particular time is known as the housing demand. On the other hand, if we talk about the housing need and the effective demand, then we come to know that it is the name of the gap that is created between the actual needs for the housing schemes and the abilities of a government to provide the housing facilities. In Nigeria, these housing demands and supply are provided by the different sectors like private developers, non-governmental organizations, the institutions that are providing the best housing schemes, and the possible factors that are responsible for providing the best housing trends.

Along with these factors, we should also try to get an idea about the finance and the delivery of the public housing schemes and the key issues and constraints about the different kinds of the housing schemes.

10 Tips For Non-Native Students To Improve Writing Skills

Writing skills are considered as the most important part of the communication. If you want to convey your message in an effective, clear and easy way, then you should have impressive writing skills. Moreover, if a foreigner wants to get a degree from the most famous university in the UK, then his/her writing skills should also be impressive.

Its reason is that you will have to complete a lot of academic papers and final exams and the only way to get the best results is to complete all of these papers in the best English language. Here, we will provide 10 most important tips that are helpful for the non-native students to improve the writing skills.

  • The first and the most important tip to improve the writing skills is that you should try to use the active voice sentences instead of the passive voice sentences. Its reason is that the excessive use of the passive voice sentences is considered as the most common manifestation of bad writing.
  • While creating the best content for the dissertation, thesis, essay or any other academic paper, there is no need to use the easy words only. Along with these easy words, it is also necessary for you to use the stronger words.
  • You should try to cut the chaff while writing any kind of the academic paper. Its reason is that the best academic paper should be simple, clear, and direct.
  • The use of clichés is also prohibited while creating a monument the best content. Therefore, you should try to use the phrases, ideas, and situations in a simple way without clichés.
  • There is no need to use a lot of generalizations while creating the best content for your academic papers. Some students don’t have any idea about the generalizations. For their information, use of generalization means to use the words like these “In this article, In this sentence or In these words” in your content.
  • If it is necessary for you to use the different metaphors and similes in your academic paper, then you should try to use these metaphors and similes with caution.
  • The most important tip that really works for the non-native students is that they should try to read out the best content in order to improve the writing skills. Its reason is that by reading the best content, they will be able to know that how to create the best content for their own academic papers. For this purpose, you should try to read out the most interesting content like magazines, newspapers etc.
  • When you are going to write down anything, then you should make sure that you are clear on the concepts that you are going to write.
  • Try to restrict yourself to the point. There is no need to over-explain
  • You should try to eliminate the filler words and other phrases from your content.

These are the most important tips that are helpful for the students to improve the writing skills. If you are a non-native student and you don’t have impressive English writing skills, then you can place an order for your academic paper to the PhD Dissertation writing services for the best results.

What is the difference between an essay and a dissertation?

According to the principles of writing and research, essay and dissertation differ in many ways that are discussed below:
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  1. Major differences in definitions

When we explore the definitions of both writing styles, it concludes that essay is a literature-based piece of writing that is generally used to discuss a specific topic and the facts related to that issue.Generally, the essay takes up several writing styles such as investigative, based on notions, or elaborating the information.Essays can be just a fictional description of some hypothetical occurrences whereas dissertation is based on a scientific data and has a specific purpose.The definition of dissertation implies clearly that it is related to educational purposes and may lead to a graduation degree for a person. Dissertation is a short appraisal of the research project a student intends to initiate for his or her university years, whereas, the essay may just be a short academic assignment or a general publishing.

  1. Length of the content

A very major an undeniable difference between an essay and dissertation is that essay in usually shorter than a dissertation. An essay may consist of 300-500 words or maybe some take it to 650 but a longer essay is not known. In addition, the other problem such a long essay can create is that it will become boring and meaningless. On the other side dissertation has to cover many elements and every sub heading requires to be properly elaborated. Therefore, the word count in a dissertation may reach up to 14000.

  1. Source of information

Another difference lies in the source of information these two styles use to emphasize on their objective. Essay writers gather information and references from the already done researches in the world to prove their point. They even take up the paradigm of philosophy and religion to further support the topic. Whereas a dissertation poses a question and intends to form a new research base for proving the hypothesis. They may mention other researches done on the same hypothesis but that is just given. The main source of information are the tools a person will use in effort to gather data from a variety of people. Dissertation lays down the plan for a student to find fresh evidences to conclude a certain hypothesis. Essay writers are then going to use this conclusion to prove their point.

  1. Remarkable difference in format

Essays is just a discussion divided into few paragraphs on a specific topic but a dissertation has several sub headings such as introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, conclusions, references, appendices. These parts may vary but the point is that dissertation is a more planned piece of writing.

  1. Purpose differ as well

The basic objective of both vary quite clearly as an essay can be written just for literature purposes or it is just an assignment. However, a dissertation is the way to get a degree; no one can skip this step to get through college. There is clear difference between the purpose of these two writing pieces.