Evaluation Of The Delivery Of Public Housing Programs In Nigeria

A form of the housing tenure in which different properties of the public are owned by the government authorities is known as the public housing programs. There are two forms of these properties. The first form is known as the central and the second form is known as the local. These public housing schemes are built for the social welfare of the members of a state. To evaluate the delivery of public housing programs in Nigeria is not an easy task for the students. If the students are not able to understand these things in an effective way, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. The best tips to evaluate the delivery of the public housing programs in Nigeria are given below;

  • Need for the affordable housing

As we know that the population in Nigeria is growing at the very fast rate. This fast growth in the population creates a lot of shelters, housing, and some other utility problems. Moreover, to afford the different housing facilities is also a real challenge for the Nigerian citizens. By keeping in mind these issues of the Nigerian citizens, the government of Nigeria has started some public housing programs that ensure the availability of the affordable housing schemes for the Nigerian citizens. The Nigerian government has built up to 15 million houses. The Nigerian government is providing the 23 houses for 1,000 inhabitants and these houses are provided at the most affordable prices.

  • Institutional framework for housing

To ensure the best housing facilities for the Nigerian citizens, there involve a lot of public as well as private sectors. These sectors are working for the insurance of the improved efficiency as well as for the collaboration within the different members of the society. If we try to get an idea about the institutional framework for the public housing scheme, then we come to know that it is divided into three types of the organizations. The first type is known as the public organizations. The second type is known as the quasi-public organizations, and the last type is known as the private sector organizations. This institutional framework is made for the insurance to provide the best housing facilities to the Nigerian citizens.

  • Housing demand and supply

The name of the housing units that are needed for a society at a particular time is known as the housing demand. On the other hand, if we talk about the housing need and the effective demand, then we come to know that it is the name of the gap that is created between the actual needs for the housing schemes and the abilities of a government to provide the housing facilities. In Nigeria, these housing demands and supply are provided by the different sectors like private developers, non-governmental organizations, the institutions that are providing the best housing schemes, and the possible factors that are responsible for providing the best housing trends.

Along with these factors, we should also try to get an idea about the finance and the delivery of the public housing schemes and the key issues and constraints about the different kinds of the housing schemes.

Role and Impact of Unconscious Bias in Selection Process of Employees and Candidate Perception on the Process

Everyone dislikes being biasedly judge by someone else but at some point, we all are behaving biasedly for someone. This unconscious bias behaviour occurs in all professional and personal life and a decision on the basis of unconscious bias leads to unexpected results. The phenomenon of employee selection on the basis of unconscious bias affects both the candidate and the employer. Results for such selections are not always bad but the negligence of unconscious biases in recruitment and selection process itself is an unfair approach.Unconscious biases in the selection process of employees do not only effect the overall society as it leads to discrimination in terms of gender, social values and ethnicity but also have a negative impact on an organization’ ability to respond to the complex labour demand. Before going into an in-depth discussion on the consequences of unconscious bias based employee selection, first, we need to understand that which factors are leading us to the biased behaviour. These are the key ways in which an unconscious behaviour is developed and shown;

  • Perception: This is how we perceive or see reality and action of people without completely understanding the scenario.
  • Attitude: This is how we think on the basis of our perception to react towards the situation or action of people
  • Behaviour: This is actual reaction stage where we show our perception and attitude towards a situation or action of a person through our own action
  • Attention: This is how we pay attention to a scenario or person that depends on our perception that can be a stereotype or halo effect.
  • Listening: unbiased behaviour is also caused because of missing key points while you are hearing someone so this is how hearing and listening differs.

Human resource management does not just aim to recruit with an understanding of only whom we are going to hire but also needs to understand why we are hiring. So the mental shortcut through unconscious biases also occurs while the focus is on who is recruiting and how that leads to biased results of the selection process.

The two key factors that lead to unconscious biased behaviour of employer or recruiter in the selection process are the stereotype and halo effect. The stereotype is the judgement on the basis of common geographical or cultural preference of a candidate and halo effect is the judgement on the basis of recruiter’ own past experience. These two situations can lead to favouritism as perception about an institute or a firm that a graduate from that particular institute or a professional having experience of that firm would have the best skill set. This is the stereotype if it is based on common perception about the institute or firm but if it is based on recruiter’ personal experience then it is the halo effect.

This is the thing that is not always true and making a decision on the basis of such unconscious biases lead to biased results. A candidate from a local or low reputed institute can be more effective if you would have analysed his skills on the basis of merit and standards instead of bias or fake perceptions.

A Study Guide About Strategic Information System

A set of the systems that are developed in order to enhance the initiatives of the business is known as the strategic information system. The basic aim of developing the strategic information system is to develop such products that are low in price and these products have better quality than the other products that are available in the market. If we talk about the SIS in the field of the technology, then we come to know that SIS has a salient feature in the world of IT. To develop the strategic information system is a real challenge for the students. If you are not able to develop a strategic information plan, then you can get help from the assignment writing services.

Tips to prepare the strategic information system.

As we have discussed earlier that to develop the strategic information system is a real challenge for the students. The best tips to prepare an effective strategic system are given below;

  • First of all, you should try to understand the basic principles of preparing the best strategic information system. The best way to understand the principles is to get the answers to the following questions;
  1. What are the best ways to integrate the information into the different sectors?
  2. How to own from a corporation?
  3. How to recognize the duplicate data?
  4. How to get the best quality and easily measurable data?
  5. How to fulfil the ethical requirements of the data?
  6. How to secure the data in a secure and confidential way?
  • Secondly, you should try to get an idea about the governance within an organization. To get an idea about the governance of the organization is helpful for the audience to get an idea about the future envisions of that organization.
  • There comes the process of developing the vision and the strategies of an organization. You can develop the vision and the strategies of an organization about the capacity, clear responsibilities, and future possibilities of the products.
  • After developing and designing the best strategies, the next step is to find out the best ways to implement these strategies within an organization.
  • Fifthly, you should try to provide all the requirements that are related to the IT field.

The only way to formulate the best quality strategic information system is to conduct an effective research. The best resources to gather the data for the strategic information system are given below;

  • Strategic Organization
  • Journal of Strategic Information Systems
  • MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
  • California Management Review

After reading out the best articles from these journals, it will be easy for you to formulate the best strategic information system. The importance of the strategic information strategy is given below;

  • It is easy to create the best environment within an organization
  • It will provide a complete detail about the IT strategy within an organization
  • It will be easy to formulate the current applications for the portfolio

Different Tips To Write a Conclusion Of An Essay

The professional structure of an essay consists of three parts. The first part is called an introduction, the second part is called a body, and the last and the most important part of the essay is called the conclusion. The conclusion of an essay should consist of the 20% part of an essay and it should be written in one paragraph.

With the help of the concluding part of an essay, it is easy for the audience to get an idea about the importance and the main points of an essay. Most of the students make a lot of mistakes while writing the concluding part of an essay. Here, we will provide some important tips that are helpful for the students to write down the concluding part of an essay.

  • It is a common mistake among the students that they start the concluding part of an essay with the help of these words “In this conclusion or some other words like this”. This is a totally wrong thing. If it is necessary for you to show the readers that it is concluding part of an essay, then you can use the label instead of using these kinds of phrases.
  • As we have discussed earlier that the concluding part of an essay should be short. There is no need to make it longer. The ideal conclusion of an essay consists of only one paragraph and its length should not exceed the 20% length of the whole essay.
  • An ideal conclusion of an essay consists of the summary of all the main points of an essay. There is no need to write down any important point about the topic of your essay that is not explained in the main body of the essay.
  • To get the attraction of the audience, you can ask a provocative question in the concluding part of an essay. You should make sure that this question is interesting for the audience rather than making a boring and an odd question.
  • The concluding part of your essay provides a chance to relate to your audience. Therefore, you should try to be real while writing down the concluding part of your essay.

    In this human to human relation, you can tell the audience that how have you dealt with this problem in order to create a monument of the essay.

  • We have frequently seen that some students try to use some pictures in the concluding part of an essay. It is also an awkward thing. While writing down the concluding part of your essay, you should keep in mind that there is no need to use any kind of the picture in it.
  • As we know that there are some major as well as some minor aspects in your essay. There is no need to write down any kind of the minor point in the concluding part of an essay.
  • You can also compare the situation of your topic with the others in the concluding part of your essay.

These are the most important tips to write the concluding part of your essay. Anyhow, if you are not able to write down the concluding part of an essay, then you can get help from the essay writing services.

10 Tips For Non-Native Students To Improve Writing Skills

Writing skills are considered as the most important part of the communication. If you want to convey your message in an effective, clear and easy way, then you should have impressive writing skills. Moreover, if a foreigner wants to get a degree from the most famous university in the UK, then his/her writing skills should also be impressive.

Its reason is that you will have to complete a lot of academic papers and final exams and the only way to get the best results is to complete all of these papers in the best English language. Here, we will provide 10 most important tips that are helpful for the non-native students to improve the writing skills.

  • The first and the most important tip to improve the writing skills is that you should try to use the active voice sentences instead of the passive voice sentences. Its reason is that the excessive use of the passive voice sentences is considered as the most common manifestation of bad writing.
  • While creating the best content for the dissertation, thesis, essay or any other academic paper, there is no need to use the easy words only. Along with these easy words, it is also necessary for you to use the stronger words.
  • You should try to cut the chaff while writing any kind of the academic paper. Its reason is that the best academic paper should be simple, clear, and direct.
  • The use of clichés is also prohibited while creating a monument the best content. Therefore, you should try to use the phrases, ideas, and situations in a simple way without clichés.
  • There is no need to use a lot of generalizations while creating the best content for your academic papers. Some students don’t have any idea about the generalizations. For their information, use of generalization means to use the words like these “In this article, In this sentence or In these words” in your content.
  • If it is necessary for you to use the different metaphors and similes in your academic paper, then you should try to use these metaphors and similes with caution.
  • The most important tip that really works for the non-native students is that they should try to read out the best content in order to improve the writing skills. Its reason is that by reading the best content, they will be able to know that how to create the best content for their own academic papers. For this purpose, you should try to read out the most interesting content like magazines, newspapers etc.
  • When you are going to write down anything, then you should make sure that you are clear on the concepts that you are going to write.
  • Try to restrict yourself to the point. There is no need to over-explain
  • You should try to eliminate the filler words and other phrases from your content.

These are the most important tips that are helpful for the students to improve the writing skills. If you are a non-native student and you don’t have impressive English writing skills, then you can place an order for your academic paper to the PhD Dissertation writing services for the best results.

What is the difference between an essay and a dissertation?

According to the principles of writing and research, essay and dissertation differ in many ways that are discussed below:
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  1. Major differences in definitions

When we explore the definitions of both writing styles, it concludes that essay is a literature-based piece of writing that is generally used to discuss a specific topic and the facts related to that issue.Generally, the essay takes up several writing styles such as investigative, based on notions, or elaborating the information.Essays can be just a fictional description of some hypothetical occurrences whereas dissertation is based on a scientific data and has a specific purpose.The definition of dissertation implies clearly that it is related to educational purposes and may lead to a graduation degree for a person. Dissertation is a short appraisal of the research project a student intends to initiate for his or her university years, whereas, the essay may just be a short academic assignment or a general publishing.

  1. Length of the content

A very major an undeniable difference between an essay and dissertation is that essay in usually shorter than a dissertation. An essay may consist of 300-500 words or maybe some take it to 650 but a longer essay is not known. In addition, the other problem such a long essay can create is that it will become boring and meaningless. On the other side dissertation has to cover many elements and every sub heading requires to be properly elaborated. Therefore, the word count in a dissertation may reach up to 14000.

  1. Source of information

Another difference lies in the source of information these two styles use to emphasize on their objective. Essay writers gather information and references from the already done researches in the world to prove their point. They even take up the paradigm of philosophy and religion to further support the topic. Whereas a dissertation poses a question and intends to form a new research base for proving the hypothesis. They may mention other researches done on the same hypothesis but that is just given. The main source of information are the tools a person will use in effort to gather data from a variety of people. Dissertation lays down the plan for a student to find fresh evidences to conclude a certain hypothesis. Essay writers are then going to use this conclusion to prove their point.

  1. Remarkable difference in format

Essays is just a discussion divided into few paragraphs on a specific topic but a dissertation has several sub headings such as introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion, conclusions, references, appendices. These parts may vary but the point is that dissertation is a more planned piece of writing.

  1. Purpose differ as well

The basic objective of both vary quite clearly as an essay can be written just for literature purposes or it is just an assignment. However, a dissertation is the way to get a degree; no one can skip this step to get through college. There is clear difference between the purpose of these two writing pieces.

Typical Problems that Students Face When Writing Dissertations

Typical Problems in DissertationsStudents face a lot of problems when they are faced with the tough task of writing a dissertation. It is not tough because it is long and requires lots of hard work but writing a dissertation is a tough job because it requires students to process a lot of information, analyze a number of researchers and coordinate all of them together to come up with the right thesis and work on it and present it the right way to their teachers. It is not easy to accomplish and this is the main reason why students face so many problems when they are asked to write a dissertation.


However, it is important to mention here that most of the problems that students face when writing a research paper are their own and self-created. It is because they fail to attend the classes on time when teachers are explaining what dissertations are and how they should be done the best way. Along with this, the students do not pay attention and read the guidelines closely provided by dissertation writing services which tell them a lot about what they should do for writing a top quality and custom dissertation.


There are some real typical problems that most of the students face when they are writing dissertations. This article discusses some of these problems and helps the students understand what they should do to make sure they are on the right track and produce the best papers for their teachers.


The first problem that students face when writing dissertations is that students fail to understand the topic or they do not pay enough attention to gather what the topic is all about. They start researching and writing without thinking what they actually are required to do. Instead of being on the right track, the students find themselves on the wrong side which only leads to further problems for them as they come to know that they have been working in the wrong direction for writing a summary all this time.


Another typical problem that students face when writing dissertations is getting a teacher or a supervisor with whom they are unable to work. There are some supervisors who are really good and help students the best way but there are others who are not so cordial and the students find it really hard to approach these supervisors and develop a good working relationship with them. The best thing for students to do in this regard is to establish a good relationship with their teachers which enable them to succeed in their assignments.


Another typical problem faced by students is that of procrastination and all the resulting conflicts that arises because of this one problem. Hence they get help from dissertation writing experts to solve the problem. Students think they have a long time to work on their paper before they have to submit it to their teachers and this creates all the troubles. By the time the deadline rolls in, the students find out that they have not worked on their dissertation and they have nothing to present to their teachers. This is one problem that almost all students face and need to work on it to avoid such troubles.